Aftercare advice

At the end of your treatment, I would recommend that you avoid soaking your hands in water for any length of time for 24 hours to allow any products to naturally harden/cure.

Ensure you are using cuticle oil everyday and after washing your hands, even if you are having a break from treatments, as the ingredients help keep your nails strong and the surrounding skin hydrated.

It is a myth that “your nails need to breathe”. Your nails, like hair, are made up of Keratin and they receive their nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream. Keeping up with a healthy & balanced diet can have amazing results for your nails!

Treat your nails like jewels not tools. – It can be easy for you to cause damage to your new or freshly manicured nails if you use them to pull ring pulls, press buttons with them etc. Try to adapt to using the sides of your hands and fingers to open car doors, washing machines or key fobs etc.

If you require your nails to be removed it is always best to get this done by a trained technician.  Improper removal can damage the layers of the nail which can take 6 to 9 months to grow out. Also picking or biting at your enhancements may cause distress and weaken your natural nails. This can show up as waves/pits/shredding on your nail.

If your nails suffer from damage it can affect how a new treatment lasts, your nails need those healthy layers in order for maximum adhesion & longevity of the treatment.

Some medications, medical treatments & illnesses can affect your nails, please ensure you notify us of any changes in medication, treatments or allergies so we are able to adjust your treatment, if necessary.

Please do not use super glue to do any DIY repairs as you could be doing more damage than you realise. You may think it is easier to repair your lifted nail enhancements but this puts your nail at risk of bacteria or moisture being trapped underneath.

Don’t let it go green, come for a clean!

Please contact me to arrange repairs!