Covid19 – Salon Policy

We have put in place the following guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety when visiting the salon, please take the time to read this policy to ensure you are ready for your visit! We will be working hard as always to ensure you have the most wonderful and safe experience with us here at Perfected Tips.


If you develop Covid-19 symptoms prior to your appointment please reschedule your appointment for two weeks after the first sign of symptoms.

If you become unwell with Covid-19 after your appointment please inform the salon urgently so we can put correct measures in place.

Bookings and Consultations

Booking can now be done online, please use the Facebook page to book. The public will not be able to enter the salon without an appointment or prior arrangement.

A consultation is given at every appointment to check for changes in health/nail condition and personal details are checked and updated regularly.

Covid-19 Questionnaire – this will be completed for every appointment. These will be completed in salon should all the answers be acceptable.

Attending Appointments

When you arrive, We will open the door for you as it will be locked, please make your way to the Hand Wash Station and place any personal items in the cupboard below. we will bring you some fresh warm water for you to wash your hands with, an antibacterial soap and disposable towelling will also be provided.

Please dry your hands thoroughly and place the used tissue in the bin to the left of the station. You may then take a seat either at the window bay or at the nail desk if its ready for you.

Please attend your appointment alone where possible and wait at the door for us to let you in.

We have recently welcomed a new Nail technician, Megan to the team. We have made a few changes in the salon to accommodate for the increase of clients in the salon but the procedures will remain the same.

To ensure we can adhere to the rules and allow the adequate time needed to clean the treatment areas after your appointment please arrive on time.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment unfortunately your appointment may be need to be rescheduled.

Any no show will result in a forfeit of any booking fee paid or a fee of 50% will be payable before another appointment can be made.

Please bring minimal personal belongings with you. We will not be able to store large coats. Please leave your coat in the car – where possible.


We have put in place correct PPE measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

You will be required to wear a Face Mask at your appointment, these will be supplied to you at the cleaning station if you don’t already have one. If you are unable to wear a mask/visor for any reason, unfortunately we won’t be able to complete any service, please contact us to discuss the options.

Unfortunately, we can not offer refreshments at this time if you wish to bring your own drink please take your rubbish home with you.

The toilet will not normally be for public use, please ensure you have been before your appointment 🙂 We understand some of you may need access to the toilet for personal reasons so please let me know of any special requirements before your appointment to enable me to factor in the time.

Please avoid touching anything you do not need to touch, whilst you are at the salon.

Cleaning procedures

After every client each treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned before the next client – We are allowing a 15 minutes in between each client in order to ensure efficient cleaning is completed.

There will be hand sanitising station available upon entering the salon, you will only be permitted to enter the back room if you are booked in for any waxing treatments.



Booking fees will be required from all clients .

A new booking system is being set up please keep an eye out for updates

Should you need to cancel within 24 hours due to developing Covid-19 symptoms your deposit will be transferable to a new appointment booked 2 weeks after you present with symptoms – No refunds of booking fees will be issued.

We will be taking payments as usual but we ask that any tips be put in the Tip Jars.


We are making some changes to our price list in the way it is structured, we want to make it easy for you to understand the pricing. If you have any feedback on this subject they will be greatly recieved. Please do get in touch.

Facial Treatments can now be performed facial waxing is now available for you to book.

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