Sculpted Extensions or Tips

I offer both sculpting forms & ABS Plastic tips, the forms can be cut to fit the shape of your natural nail, and also create more intense shapes/lengths. Forms are also great to help someone who suffers with Onychophagia, or onychophagy (Nail biting) the forms are cut to fit precisely. This prevents product coming into contact with the skin surrounding the nail.

The product is applied over your natural nail & the form to extend the nail.  Once the product is cured the forms are removed ready for design.

Tips are great if you have healthy nail beds, they must be able to support the stress of an extension. Plastic tips are applied with nail glue to the very edges of your nails and depending on which tips are used we may or may not blend these into the natural nail for structural purposes.

We offer Acrylic & Gel extensions on tips or forms it is down to your preference which one is used. Everyone is different, and every nail is different, we may from time to time suggest one or the other based on professional experience.

All the products used at Perfected Tips are free from MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), this chemical is known for being unsafe to use in the Nail industry for many reasons, if you require any further information regarding MMA I would be happy to help you.

Are you Allergic to anything?

Please let us know if you have any allergies whether or not these relate to your nails. Hema free products are also available. For anyone who may require this as an alternative, please let us know before your appointment.