As your nails grow the structure of the nails move forward and an infill is needed to re-balance the structure & shorten the length if required.

Please follow the aftercare advice to prolong your treatment;

  • Always wear gloves when using harsh chemicals, gardening, washing up etc.
  • Treat your nails like jewels not tools. – It can be easy for you to damage your new or freshly manicured nails if you use them to pull ring pulls, press buttons, etc. Try to adapt to using the sides of your hands and fingers to open car doors, washing machines, key fobs etc.
  • Use cuticle oil 1-2 times a day, your nails do not breathe but the natural oils need topping up to keep them flexible when you have any product on them.
  • If you’ve had air drying nail polish applied to your nails and want to remove it at home use Acetone free nail polish remover which can be purchased from Perfected Tips or any local high street retailer.
  • It is always best to book an appointment for nail extension to be removed as they require soaking in acetone or filing off depending on which product has been used.
  • Do not pick or remove enhancements with your teeth or any other object as this may cause distress and weaken your natural nails. This shows up as waves on your nail plate which is the shredding in the top layer of your nail!
  • Please do not use super glue to do any DIY repairs as you could be doing more damage than you realise. Leave it off and call to arrange a repair.

To maintain the health of your nails it is recommended that you return every: 

2-3 weeks for a Manicure, 3-4 weeks for a Pedicure

(This is the same for the luxury options)

2-3 weeks for Acrylic/Gel extensions

& every 2-3 weeks for removal and reapplication of Gel polish.

Clients who have a habit of biting may need to come see us more regularly as the nails will grow very fast when left alone but usually after the first 2 to 3 appointments the time between visits to the salon will increase.

*This is just an estimate, every clients’ nails are different, if you are having problems with your nails please contact me so we can work out what the cause is.  I offer:

Infills (full set)

Acrylic nail infill (simple infill)

Acrylic redesign

Acrylic overlay infill

Gel polish re-application (hands)

Gel polish re-application (feet)

Polydip natural nail removal & reapplication

Polydip Tip removal & reapplication

Removals (full set)

Gel polish Removal

  • Free before new applications

Removal of Extensions

  • Before new set 50% off

Polydip removal no new application

Single nail fixes

Acrylic nail basic

Bespoke acrylic fix

Gel polish

Polydip natural

Polydip + tip