Manicures are a relaxing treatment that can soften hard skin by using a mixture of Berry scented products.

During a basic Manicure your nails are cleaned, shaped & your cuticles are pushed back and hydrated, which is vital for keeping your nails healthy & strong.

A Mulberry & Pomegranate exfoliating scrub is massaged into the hand to remove dead skin

 A Wild Berry Butter hand mask is then applied to the hands & wrists followed by wrapping them in mittens to allow the mask to penetrate the skin.

During a luxury Manicure paraffin wax or natural oils; Almond, coconut, grape seed for example accompanied with the use of heated mittens can improve circulation among the other benefits which relax the muscles, relieve joint stiffness & reduce pain.

Raspberry Ripple hand lotion is massaged into the skin to aid moisture and increase blood & lymph flow.

The combination of heat and moisturising ingredients warm and soothe your hands, softening and hydrating your nails.

If you have an injury to your hand, particularly around the nail area, for example;



Broken skin

You are advised to wait until you recover before you have a Manicure.

Please leave yourself enough time to get the full benefit of the treatment, so make sure you don’t have to rush off.