A Pedicure is a relaxing treatment which softens hard skin.  Your feet are bathed in a warm Citrus soak, your skin is exfoliated using a Lime & Ginger Tingle scrub.

Your toenails are clipped & shaped, a cuticle tidy up is included.

As you sit back and relax your lower legs & feet are massaged using natural massage oils/lotions.

Peppermint & Blueberry Twist foot mask is generously applied to your feet, they are wrapped up to allow the moisture to penetrate the skin fully.

A more luxurious pedicure uses a paraffin wax or natural oil accompanied with the use of heated booties.

The benefit of using heat can relax the muscles, relieve joint stiffness & reduce pain.

A good foot treatment is heaven especially if you’re on them all day.

A Pedicure can not only improve the appearance of the feet but also increase circulation & stimulate blood flow.

Kaeso pedicure products leave your feet feeling refreshed & are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil.

 Regular pedicures can support Chiropody if you suffer from any foot problems. This may prevent you from needing further treatment.

Note:  You should check with your Chiropodist before stopping any treatment. Please also ensure you tell us of any current medication/conditions you take/have.

If you are booked in to have a pedicure it is advised you bring open toed shoes with you, as you don’t want to have to push fresh painted toenails into socks and shoes for your travel home.

Standard nail polish may take up to 12 hours to dry completely

(unless you’re having a gel polish pedicure, which dries instantly)