Privacy policy

Perfected Tips only ever asks for personal or sensitive information relative to the treatment/s or booking/s.

Perfected Tips does not share any details with any other person/s/organisation/s and does not require your credit/debit card details.

Upon booking at Perfected Tips you give permission for your contact details to be used to create a client ID and any information given at the time of consultation are kept private.

Your information is kept for approx 7 years from the last date you recieved treatment/s as recommended by my insurance company. Your information is kept secured but if you wish to access your information you may ask and this can be arranged.

Perfected Tips also likes to take & share photographs of the work created on the website/social media, please let me know if you not wish to be published but photographs are necessary for ongoing skill/technique building.


Please ensure all information given is up to date and any medication/illnesses/allergies are  brought up at the time of consultation.

*This information is very important as some medications/illnesses/allergies can affect the adhesion of nail products or change the nail growth patterns resulting in problems with longevity of your treatment.