The life of Nail extensions will vary from person to person & is dependent upon numerous factors.

  • The type of job you have
  • If you’re recieving treatment and/or medication
  • If you have had any trauma to the nails
  • You suffer with a condition that may affect your nails
  • pregnancy or hormone changes

Its recommended that you have your Nails/Extensions maintained every 2 to 3 weeks, this could be having infills, fixes or a removal.

If for any reason you require a repair after a treatment provided by Perfected Tips,  it is important for you to let us know ASAP to prevent further damage or bacterial infection risks.  I offer:

Repairs (per nail)

Acrylic nail basic

Bespoke acrylic fix

Gel polish

Polydip natural

polydip + tip

Repairs required in the first 3 days will be carried out free of charge, thereafter the above prices are chargeable. 

Please don’t hesitate to make contact at if you have any problems after a service.

*Whilst we always try to be fair regarding nail repairs, a charge may be incurred if the nail appears damaged due to improper aftercare, or accidental damage.